What can a private investigation firm do for you?

Private investigation covers a wide range of services for both private, trade and industry clients. It is often cases where special discretion is necessary, and publicity would be negative for the parties involved.

Our field of work includes finance, insurance, family business, employment and trade mark investigation.

Being the oldest existing private investigation company in Norway, we can refer to both long experience and an excellent reputation. In addition we have a solid network of partners and experts in a variety of fields.

We also take on assignments in Denmark, Sweden, Iceland and Finland.

Member of World Association of Detectives (W.A.D.), Association of British Investigators (A.B.I.), Council of International Investigators (C.I.I.), Society of Competitive Intelligence Professionals (S.C.I.P.), USAPI and American Society for Industrial Security (ASIS).

Oslo Private Investigation Bureau

Oslo Private Etterforskningsbyrå
Fr. Nansens plass 9
0160 Oslo

P. O. Box 1402 Vika
N-0115 Oslo

Phone: 22 41 10 60
Mobile: 950 55 555

Web: www.ope.no

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